Hello! My name is Nena and this is my crew site for the computer game, Petz.
I have been apart of this wonderful community since 1996 so I have quite the assortment of petz! Unfortunately, I have some that have been
lost in previous computer crashes so if you don't see a petz up here that I once had in the past, that is probably why! Feel free to take a look!

  You will notice that some petz have a below their information. This means that at one point in their life, they were a
mascot for Amenity or very special and will probably have a page dedicated to them on the 'Misc' page (eventually). Also you may notice some petz have the prefix
GPC which means I originally adopted them when I owned Golden Pawprints Cattery which was pre-2000 Amenity. I also had Egyptian Petz but
I don't recall ever having EP in show names of my own petz...

All petz on here are for


UPDATED: 8/01/2017

- Added a pufftailed calico file to my Overwriting Breeds page!
- I am up to 839 petz on my crew site!

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from Kate @ Lethe

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this is part of a virtual game